Every story begins somewhere. Ours began in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona. We were originally a group of strangers who found each other through a deep love for music & story telling. Over the years we have become a family, writing not just our music together, but our lives. Our sights are set on being students of story with one another and loving people through our craft.


Through our music, we explore the questions that haunt us, the pain that marks us, and the hope that redefines everything for us. We invite you into the conversation, build with us, find your place at the table.
Extended biography or About section
Tow’rs’ began in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona. In the winter of 2014 lead vocalists Kyle & Gretta Miller began a folk music project as a means of cathartic expression to escape the mundane they were feeling in their office jobs at the time. They invited their friends Kyle Keller(BGV’s/electric guitar/ trumpet), Emma Crislip(BGV’s/Cello) and Kory Miller(percussion) into the studio to see what would happen. They would cook together, drink and write songs late into the night. It was at a meal with one another that they decided on the name Tow’rs. It came from a core belief that art is only half of its’ attainable power until it is interpreted. It’s only when it is in the hands of community that it is fully realized and fulfilling its purpose holistically. They hoped their music would be a meeting place, using the analogy of the tower as a road marker acts on a journey for humanity to stop, converse and construct a narrative bigger than them-selves. From the beginning their sights have been set on being students of this narrative and loving people through their art.

After the well-received debut album the band took on more of a tone of vocation on the way they were approaching the project. Kyle and Gretta quit their office jobs to pursue music full time and continue to refine their craft. In June of 2015 they released their sophomore album “The Great Minimum”. It was released amidst a backdrop of haunting memories, questions and impending change with the new addition of the Miller’s firstborn son half way through writing. In their hearts, the band was grappling for an understanding of a life well lived that remained honest with their own flaws & the pains everyone encounters in life. The album really absorbed this struggle as it traversed darker themes than their previous self-titled album while maintaining a hopeful elixir of poetic lyrics and a driving folk rock sound. From the doubtful confessions of ‘Mindful’ to the wide-eyed yearning of ‘Helm’ the five-piece band constructed a conversation of solidarity between seemingly meaningless moments and our profound existence. Even with the addition of new instruments and more complex structures, Tow’rs explored a bigger sound without compromising their folk roots, soothing harmonies and soul baring lyrics. The conversation of Tow’rs future is one of honest optimism. You can stay up to date on the band’s movements and upcoming shows via all their major social media platforms.

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